How To Repair Your Tires?

How To Repair Your Tires:


1. Remove Object That Caused Puncture. Take care, as residual air will escape under pressure

2. Apply lubricant to the spiral shaft of the reamer tool. This will help to probe the hole and temporarily separate the steel belts

3. Insert the reamer into the puncture hole and push in whilst rotating the handle to clean our the hole. Re-inflate tire to help with insertion of string

4. Thread the repair string through the eye of the insertion tool until equal parts are either side of the tool.

5. Firmly push the insertion tool and string into the tire, A small amount of the string should still be visible (5-10mm only)

6. Cut-off remain string flush with the tire treads.

NOTE: Re-inflate the tire to the recommended tire pressure and check for leaks.

Published: 2013/7/31 9:53:08
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